Training Does More Than Transfer Skills

Training Does More Than Transfer Skills

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Our Brookstone Management Concepts’ training program is very thorough. Not only does it transfer all the knowledge and skills people need to succeed in our industry, we use it to strengthen our culture and share our values as well.

For instance, when we start a Brookstone Management Concepts campaign or bring new associates into an existing initiative, we instill empathy by teaching ourselves about the offering before we take it to the public. In this way, we have a better understanding of the need that we are fulfilling, and the questions or concerns that a potential customer might have.

Along with empathy, our education also focuses on building a sense of community. This is one reason that everyone starts in an entry-level position. By working our way up through the ranks, we can appreciate the roles that our colleagues play and make connections between each position and how it plays into our overall operation. We build lasting bonds with one another while cultivating respect and understanding as well.

Our curriculum emphasizes collaboration as part of the growth process as well. We do this by putting novice marketers into real-life, hands-on situations with coaches to guide them. This immediately reinforces the idea that we are at our best when we are working side by side with our trusted peers.

Training should be about more than skills. It’s also about sharing and reinforcing ideals. To learn more about our commitment to professional development, check out our Brookstone Management Concepts [Newswire] feed.