Recognizing Some Outstanding Performers

Recognizing Some Outstanding Performers

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It’s an exciting time around the Brookstone Management Concepts office, as Naief, Vincent, Andrew, Michael, and Matt have earned their way into the National Top 10! These outstanding brand advocates have placed themselves in rare company by focusing on specific goals and working hard to improve every day. Jon, our firm’s Managing Director, explained that these men portray all the attributes necessary to be successful, and that we can’t wait to see where their future endeavors take them.

Celebrating career achievements is a frequent occurrence around Brookstone Management Concepts HQ. Jon believes there are many benefits to be gained by doing so, including the physical rush brought on by the release of endorphins. This feeling is inspiring on its own, and it’s one we often feel in our workspace.

Jon added that highlighting great performance also sharpens the mental edge team members bring to their work. Celebrating big wins reinforces the behaviors that fuel success. We’re well-equipped to take on new challenges because we train ourselves to repeat positive habits. Every time we honor one of our successes, we prepare to reach greater heights the next time.

We also build stronger team bonds when we highlight each other’s victories. As we recognize our standouts, we come to appreciate the unique talents we have even more.

Having five of the nationwide top 10 in our office is a major achievement. Follow Brookstone Management Concepts on Instagram for more on our continuing success.