Our Spring and Summer Team-Building Plans

Our Spring and Summer Team-Building Plans

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We’re getting excited about summertime around the Brookstone Management Concepts office, even as we’re still welcoming spring. Our team will get together on Memorial Day to enjoy each other’s company and remember those who gave their lives in service of our country. It’s going to be an ideal way to kick off a summer full of group activities. Joe, our firm’s Managing Director, recognizes that many key benefits emerge from team outings, including the following:

• Fresh Perspectives: Getting away from the stress that comes with working in a fast-paced industry can be just what people need to recharge their batteries. When we come together to support a good cause or just relax for a team dinner, we freshen our outlooks on the work we do and the value it provides. As we return to Brookstone Management Concepts HQ, we feel a new wave of inspiration to perform at our best.

• Stronger Teamwork: Whether we travel to a conference, meet for dinner, or enjoy some friendly competition, we learn more about our teammates’ unique positive traits. We’ve had many tough projects come together quickly after a team outing, because we’re better equipped than ever before to fuse our talents in interesting ways.

Joe added that our national service partners benefit from our morale-boosting events just as much as we do. For updates on all our team exploits, be sure to follow Brookstone Management Concepts on Twitter.