Our Sports-Minded Success Strategies

Our Sports-Minded Success Strategies

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We follow the lead of the best sports teams around the Brookstone Management Concepts office, using collaboration and clear goals as the fuel for winning outcomes. We’re always focused on being competitive, taking focused action, and pushing ourselves to go further than before. This all adds up to consistent wins for our national service partners.

One thing we use a lot around our workspace is the GROWTH Model. This stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and What’s Next. With this system as our guide, we can home in on exactly what we want to achieve, understand what we need to do to ensure success, and figure out the best steps forward after we reach our desired outcome. This approach mirrors what winning sports teams do every year to keep improving.

We also establish personal goals and milestones to attain, even as we work toward major Brookstone Management Concepts objectives. As we close in on each improvement target, we build more momentum toward our larger aims. It’s a great way to stay motivated, just like pro athletes who set individual benchmarks throughout a long season. We’ve also found that attaching firm timelines to our own smaller goals helps us achieve steady progress toward major company objectives.

These sports-inspired behaviors help us keep our spot as an industry leader. Follow Brookstone Management Concepts on Instagram to learn more about how we push each other to greater heights.