Our Most Recent Wave of Well-Deserved Promotions

Our Most Recent Wave of Well-Deserved Promotions

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Excitement is in the air around Brookstone Management Concepts HQ as we honor a host of newly promoted brand advocates. Jon, our firm’s Managing Director, stated that Jamal is our newest assistant manager. He also explained that Vinny, Iryna, John, Juan, and Morgan have ascended to the role of account manager. We’re all ready to watch these high achievers evolve in their new positions.

Jon added that Jamal will have a range of key duties in his role as an assistant manager. He’ll be responsible for maintaining the office, mentoring account managers, and so many other essential administrative tasks. Jamal’s many hours of hard work and persistence have paid off, and his strong work ethic will continue to serve him well going forward.

Our five new account managers have also proven themselves through diligent effort and steady growth. Jon noted that these standouts are rock stars both in and out of the office, always setting the bar higher when they hit a target. Vinny, Iryna, John, Juan, and Morgan are proof of what positive attitudes and a strong drive to succeed can do for members of Team Brookstone Management Concepts.

One thing all our recently promoted brand advocates have in common is their willingness to ask for feedback. Through regular check-ins and impromptu sessions with supervisors, these driven pros find ways to improve on a daily basis.

We’re proud of all our top performers. For more career advancement updates from our office, be sure to like Brookstone Management Concepts on Facebook.