In-Depth Training Powers Our Ongoing Growth

In-Depth Training Powers Our Ongoing Growth

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Our commitment to training is a key driver of Brookstone Management Concepts’ ongoing success. Joe, our firm’s Managing Director, explained that we put people in position to thrive by providing hands-on experience in all phases of our operations. The long-term goal is to develop the next wave of innovative leaders in our industry.

Incoming brand advocates receive in-depth training from their first days on the job, working on real projects alongside seasoned team members. Joe added that this type of immersive approach is the best way for newer ambassadors to quickly build confidence. We do our best to amplify people’s natural talents while equipping them with the specific skills they need to excel in our industry.

One-to-one coaching makes this training approach even more effective. We pair each new hire with one of our top performers to ensure that all the vital knowledge is transferred. This strategy leads to stronger bonds throughout our office as well.

Ongoing education is a huge part of our Brookstone Management Concepts culture too. We take advantage of in-office training sessions, trips to other successful offices for cross-training, and all kinds of industry events to keep sharpening our skills long after we’ve become accomplished brand advocates.

We’re proud of the way we prepare our team members for long-term success. Like Brookstone Management Concepts on Facebook for more on our training approach.