How We’re Simplifying Our Lives

How We’re Simplifying Our Lives

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August features National Simplify Your Life Week, and we’re here for it at Brookstone Management Concepts. We’ve always believed in keeping things simple and working smarter instead of just working harder. Here are a few of the basic strategies we’re perfecting this month to be more productive day in and day out:

• Setting Monthly Goals: We understand the power of clear goals in the Brookstone Management Concepts office. This month, we’re renewing our commitment to putting specific targets in place. Monthly goals are ideal because they help us develop good habits and break major objectives into smaller pieces.

• Organizing Emails: To keep our inboxes in order, we like to write down what needs to be done with our messages. By prioritizing which email requests require fast responses, we know what to tackle first so we avoid getting overwhelmed. We also make a point of deleting as many emails as possible and filing ones to keep.

• Streamlining Morning Routines: We find time for quick workouts and healthy breakfasts every morning, knowing these things prepare us for long, busy days. As we take care of ourselves to begin each day, we also visualize the successful results we plan to achieve. It’s all about staying healthy, positive, and motivated.

These are just a few of the ways we’re slowing down and keeping things simple. For more of our best success tips, be sure to follow Brookstone Management Concepts on LinkedIn.