Hands-On Training for Inspired Individuals

Hands-On Training for Inspired Individuals

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We’re adding to Team Brookstone Management Concepts, with a focus on driven people who want to improve every day. Those who are looking for careers marked by ongoing growth and hands-on training should look no further. We take continuing education to the next level so that all of our brand advocates feel prepared to make big things happen.


Receiving hands-on education from our seasoned team members puts our newest hires in unique position to excel. One reason for this is that learning through real-world applications increases retention. Studies have shown that those who engage in passive, classroom-style learning only retain about 20 percent of the information they receive. Practicing what they learned increases this number to 75 percent.


We’ve also found that guidance from seasoned brand advocates helps people quickly build confidence. As our new additions learn Brookstone Management Concepts processes, they have experts they can go to for advice, which allows our incoming team members to move quickly along to the next phase of their training.


Hands-on learning also leads to better critical thinking skills. Rather than trying to memorize what to do next, those who learn on the job can make decisions that lead directly to the desired outcomes.


Our in-depth approach to training helps our newest team members quickly find their feet in our business. Follow Brookstone Management Concepts on [Twitter] for more on how we equip people for lasting success.