Dallas Conference Delivers the Goods

Dallas Conference Delivers the Goods

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We had a blast travelling to Dallas recently for a national leadership conference. There was no shortage of networking potential at this event, and the amount of fresh insights we gained was remarkable. Joe, our Brookstone Management Concepts Managing Director, explained that this conference is something we look forward to attending every year. It just so happens that the 2019 version might have been the best one yet.

Being around a wide variety of successful people is always inspiring. The Dallas conference gathered some of the greatest innovators in the customer acquisition industry, which allowed us to learn so many tips and tricks that will help us far into the future. There’s a real buzz around the Brookstone Management Concepts office as we implement the advice we received in the heart of Texas.

Of course, there was plenty of networking going on in Dallas as well. We made the most of our time with top-flight pros, using well-constructed elevator pitches to explain what we do and what kind of unique value we can offer.

We always do our best to stick to our routines when we’re far from home. Whether it had to do with sleep, exercise, or our diets, we took special care to stay on the right track while we were in the Lone Star State. Doing so helped us return home feeling strong and ready to aim higher than ever.

We’re so thankful to have chances to travel and meet so many fascinating people. Check out the Brookstone Management Concepts Newswire for more updates on our travel events.