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Brookstone Management Concepts is where career ambitions take root for rapid growth. We’re committed to individual success as well as growing our team to dominate the industry. Ready to jumpstart your career in an innovative, fast-paced environment?

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More Education With Brookstone Management Concepts

Our training program is what fuels Brookstone Management Concepts’ growth. Starting your first day, you launch into a unique learning environment that mixes coaching with education, and sets the foundation for lasting career success. You’ll get hands-on experience with each aspect of our process, from meeting with our partners to developing our groundbreaking outreach campaigns.

We work in industries that are white hot and full of potential. That means with Brookstone Management Concepts, you’ll master these skill sets:

o Creating a customer base, managing appointments, and delivering top-notch service

o Leading small teams

o Networking basics and how to build your professional connections

More Guidance

We’re in the knowledge transfer business, which starts with our exceptional coaching team. Each of these leaders began their careers at Brookstone Management Concepts. They worked hard and learned more, earning the advanced opportunities and success we want for you as well. By combining this on-the- job training with supportive mentors, you’ll soon realize your career goals.

More Team Success

Collaboration is Brookstone Management Concepts’ secret sauce. We pull together so everyone can win. Every day here is fun, because we’re a team that helps each other hit our individual and collective goals.

More Development

We don’t just train our people to thrive in one role at Brookstone Management Concepts. Instead, we take a holistic approach to learning that develops team members to become well-rounded professionals capable of prospering in any business endeavor. We provide opportunities for them to engage in philanthropy, network at industry and local events, and meet influential leaders. Our generous travel rewards bring us to exciting locales as well.

Junior Account Manager And Business Development

Business development associates provide the vision and talent needed to bolster brands’ market visibility, while expanding regional business opportunities.

Responsibilities may include:
• Work closely with market managers to align marketing objectives with sales strategies for the assigned brands
• Establish relationships between the brand and consumer, fostering this connection throughout the sales cycle
• Lead and collaborate within the team to develop a seamless campaign

Management Development And Training Program

Our Management Development and Training Program is our firm’s flagship program. Participants can immerse themselves in learning about industry fundamentals, as well as our firm’s operations.


  • Learn key leadership skills, including business and communication techniques, as well as training on brand services and product offerings
  • Participate in cross-training with other team members
  • Prepare for key leadership roles/management positions
  • As an Assistant Operations Manager, lead and train teams, provide customer service, collaborate, and provide campaign management

Paid Internships (Part Time and Full Time)

Imagine an internship that allows you to gain firsthand knowledge in the customer acquisitions field and work with industry leaders at Brookstone Management Concepts. You don’t need a lot of experience in this sector to join our firm as an intern. We provide young up-and-coming professionals with opportunities to learn more about the business world. Internship areas include marketing, sales, business management, public relations, and communication.

Customer Brand Representative

Brookstone Management Concepts’ customer brand representatives have solid reputations for providing our business partners with world-class service. From start to finish, these individuals work with accounts to ensure that campaigns are effectively crafted and launched. Our customer brand representatives work closely with our distribution partners to deliver success with each initiative. If you’re results-driven and thrive on challenge, this is the role that will help you launch your career.

Embark on an Impressive Career With Brookstone Management Concepts

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